April 11, 2010

Calling Jewish Saints to Celebrate Breesus

With the New Orleans Saints’ spectacular rise this past season, it was inevitable that the team would be spoken of in Biblical terms. As the victories continued, quarterback Drew Brees was dubbed “Breesus,” which led to a question for Jewish Saints fans — with such […]
April 1, 2010

Tree of Remembrance: Birmingham Groups Gather to Plant Anne Frank Tree

Several Birmingham organizations will join together this month to dedicate a horse chestnut tree, similar to the one that inspired Anne Frank during her years of hiding during the Holocaust, at one of Birmingham’s “sacred spots” for civil rights. The original tree in Amsterdam narrowly […]
March 23, 2010

Jewish Student Group Formed at UAB

On Feb. 26, a Shabbat dinner for about 30 students was held at the University of Alabama at Birmingham. Now, in a region where Tulane annually has a Shabbat 1000, that may not seem like that large of an achievement, but at UAB, it’s a […]
March 17, 2010

Bama’s Long-Distance Fans: Montgomery Family Spearheads Drive To Help Troops Celebrate

Chanukah wasn’t the only eight-day miracle this past December. A spur of the moment thought by Montgomery’s Bette Sue Strasburger to send a couple dozen Alabama T-shirts to local soldiers fighting in Afghanistan quickly mushroomed into an effort that provided 1,400 shirts — one for […]
February 25, 2010

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