The New Orleans-based Jewish Children’s Regional Service has reopened, at the office of the Jewish Herald-Voice in Houston.

JCRS is a unique social service agency that assists Jewish children in the states that were part of B’nai B’rith District 7 — from Alabama to Tennessee. The agency is the successor to the Jewish Children’s Home that had been in New Orleans. Today, it provides needs-based scholarship assistance for Jewish summer camp and college, as well as special-needs assistance.

In the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina, the agency will broaden its scope to include assistance to Jewish children dealing with the evacuation from New Orleans.

Ned Goldberg, JCRS executive director, said “the agency is up and running.” Of the seven JCRS staffers, he noted, four lost their homes and two had heavy damage. They are scattered across the country now, which is “a very good example of what has happened to a lot of people in New Orleans.”

The agency will continue to take applications for its scholarship programs. Because the staff is scattered, Goldberg said the agency’s response may be delayed.

There was a JCRS 150th anniversary gala scheduled for New Orleans in November, which has been “postponed indefinitely.” Work is continuing on the documentary film of the JCRS’ history, and Goldberg hopes to have one or more anniversary galas and screenings in the region in 2006.

Those seeking to contact the agency should not call the Herald-Voice office, but should write care of the Jewish Herald-Voice, P.O. Box 153, Houston, TX 77001, or email