Baton Rouge mentioned in Bulgaria anti-Israel terror attack

The man assumed to have carried out a suicide terror attack against Israeli tourists in Bulgaria yesterday was carrying an identification that had a Baton Rouge address.

Five Israeli tourists, a Bulgarian bus driver and the bomber were killed in the attack at the airport in the resort town of Burgas. ABC News obtained a photo of a fake Michigan driver license he carried, which listed him as Jacque Felipe Martin of Baton Rouge.

The Baton Rouge address is 103 France Street, which is the location of the Belle of Baton Rouge casino, and Michigan DMV officials told the Bulgarian government that they have no record of anyone with that name in their system, nor do they issue licenses to anyone from outside the state.

Early reports were that the bomber was an Algerian who had been released from Guantanamo Bay, but those were later shot down by Bulgarian authorities.

Louisiana state police are looking into whether there really was a legitimate connection to the state.

Little is known for certain about the bomber, but Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu asserts that Iranian-backed Hezbollah was behind the attack.