Rosh Ha’Ayin Mayor Sinai Loses Reelection Bid

In one of the highest voter turnouts in the country, Rosh Ha’Ayin residents ousted Mayor Moshe Sinai in his bid for a third term, electing Shalom Ben Moshe by a 53-47 margin. Almost 21,000 votes were cast in the city of almost 40,000 residents.

In the council elections, Sinai’s faction earned four seats to Ben Moshe’s three. Meretz, Shas and Enoch Oz had two seats each, with Jewish Home and Raziel Ahrak each gaining one seat.

Israel’s municipal elections were held on Oct. 23.

For Ben Moshe, the election builds on a family legacy. Sixty years ago, his father was the first elected mayor of Rosh Ha’Ayin.
Sinai thanked the residents of Rosh Ha’Ayin for their support over the last 15 years, “five in the opposition and another 10 years as mayor.” He noted the positive changes in education, culture and infrastructure.

The past 10 years were “an exciting time, fraught with challenges.” He wished Ben Moshe well as mayor, and “I’d love to help him, for the good of the city.”

A few days after the election, Sinai said he would continue on with the council. “The election is the will of the voter. Every political party in Rosh Ha’Ayin will work to help the city grow to the best of its ability.”

Rosh Ha’Ayin is Birmingham’s sister city in Israel, and the Partnership2Gether community for New Orleans.