Community Day School returns Jewish to its name

The Community Day School in Metairie has Jewish in its name once again.

The school’s board voted to change the school’s name in January. Originally the New Orleans Jewish Day School, the elementary school became Community Day School in September 2012 in an effort to broaden its appeal to the Reform, unaffiliated and intermarried communities, as well as non-Jewish families.

Head of School Sharon Pollin said the vote to become Jewish Community Day School “came from a desire that our school name be in full alignment with our mission and vision, and to ensure that all recognize who we are: a school dedicated to academic excellence, a strong Jewish foundation, and embracing the entire community.”

Pollin became the head of school this past summer.

According to the mission statement, the school is “grounded in Jewish tradition, fostering spirituality (emunah), dedication to repair our world (tikun olam) and commitment to the entire Jewish people (klal Yisrael).” It is also a place “where families of all backgrounds are welcomed and children are prepared to be engaged compassionate leaders.”

The school was founded in 1996 to give New Orleans a community Jewish school.

The school had grown to having Kindergarten to eighth grade in 2005, then Katrina struck after the first class of eighth graders graduated. The school remained closed for a year following the flood, then reopened without the middle school, having classes through fifth grade. Since reopening, the school has been working to rebuild enrollment.

There will be open houses on Feb. 4 at 9 a.m. and Feb. 7 at 2 p.m.