Goldring grants available for first-time summer campers

The Jewish Endowment Foundation of Louisiana is announced that the Goldring Jewish Summer Camp Experience Incentive Grant Program is continuing in 2016.

Funded by the Goldring Family Foundation, the program helps families provide a first-time camping experience at a Jewish sleepaway camp. It was established by JEF in 1999 and has been funded by the Goldring Family Foundation since 2001.

Last summer, 87 grants were issued, and since its inception, 1,226 children have received incentive grants to attend Jewish summer camp.

Experts agree that one of the most effective ways to develop children’s commitment to living Jewish lives is to expose them to a camp experience where they will meet other Jewish boys and girls and savor the precious heritage of Jewish traditions while enjoying wholesome summer fun and sports activities. Participating children enjoy all of the fun and comradeship of summer camp while developing positive feelings about their Jewish identity and making lifelong friends.

The grant is available to every Jewish child in Louisiana, Alabama, Mississippi and the Florida Panhandle. Each eligible child receives a one-time-only grant of up to $1,000 to attend a nonprofit Jewish summer camp. Programs costing less than $1,000 will be funded up to the amount of camp tuition. Each child in a family is eligible for the one-time grant.

To meet the criteria for funding, children must be first-time campers at a nonprofit Jewish sleep-away camp, currently in grades 1 through 9, and residents of Louisiana, Alabama, Mississippi or the Florida Panhandle.

Grants are not based on financial need. Both parents need not be Jewish. Neither temple nor synagogue affiliation is required.

“We are grateful to the Goldring Family Foundation for their continuing generosity and their commitment to making a Jewish camping experience available to so many children,” said JEF President Richard Cahn. “This program benefits not only the individual campers, but our entire community.”

The deadline for applications is March 31. Award notification will be given by May 31, and the checks will be sent directly to the camps.

For more information and an application form, contact Ellen Abrams at JEF at (504) 524-4559 or The application can also be downloaded here.