Judaism After Dark Chanukah party debuts Nice Jewish Guys calendar

Jesse Schaffer, farm manager at Jones Valley Teaching Farm in downtown Birmingham, is one of the 12 Nice Jewish Guys of Birmingham (Photo by Mary Catherine Fehr)

On the final night of Chanukah, Max Rykov, one of Birmingham’s most ubiquitous and quirky social media personalities, is organizing an evening of “Jewish silliness for Jews and Gentiles” with “Judaism After Dark,” Dec. 20 at 8 p.m. at Saturn Birmingham.

The free “interactive evening of Jewish culture for adults of all faiths” will mark the debut of the Nice Jewish Guys of Birmingham calendar, which “immortalizes 12 men of integrity, honor, and decency. Each is a true mensch, and their presence on your wall will give you peace, and hope for a better life.”

A portion of sales from the calendar will go to Faith in Action Alabama.

The calendar can also be ordered here, and there is a pre-sale special of $20 instead of the usual $30.