Federation retains top small group fundraising title at GiveNOLA Day

It was another successful GiveNOLA Day for Jewish agencies in the New Orleans area.

The Jewish Federation of Greater New Orleans came in first in dollars raised among small organizations for the fifth year in a row, raising $109,571 from 225 donors, earning a $10,000 bonus. The Federation surpassed the goal of $100,000 from 180 donors.

Last year, the Federation raised over $92,000 from 215 gifts.

In all, there were just over 50,000 donations, raising $5.91 million for over 700 non-profits during the 24-hour online fundraiser on May 7. The Ogden Museum once again took top dollar honors, with $364,009 from 108 donors.

Isidore Newman School took 10th overall with $74,836 from 81 donors.

Jewish Community Day School raised $21,352 from 130 donors, placing 49th overall.

Tulane Hillel raised $16,091 from 59 donors. The ADL had 89 donors contributing $9,135, and the New Orleans Jewish Community Center raised $6,509 from 98 donors.

Jewish Children’s Regional Service raised $62,32 from 68 donors, Jewish Family Service netted $4,930 from 66 donors and Avodah had 24 donors contributing $4,415.

Temple Sinai raised $4,171 from 29 donors, National Council of Jewish Women raised $3,154 from 44 donors, and Northshore Jewish Congregation raised $1,028 from 17 donors.

Hadassah New Orleans raised $614 from 18 donors, Beth Israel had 10 donors contribute $466, and Slater Torah Academy drew $312 from seven donors.

In all, Jewish community organizations raised around $200,000.

Sponsors and donors contribute to the GiveNOLA Lagniappe Fund, which is divided proportionally among the participating non-profits based on how much they raise, so the full amounts will be higher.

For the second year in a row, the Anti-Defamation League won a $1,000 Rock Around the Clock bonus. Every hour, all organizations that received a donation during that hour are eligible for a random drawing for $1,000. The ADL won the first Small Group prize for the midnight to 1 a.m. slot. Jewish Children’s Regional Service won $1,000 for Large Groups between 3 and 4 a.m.