Police looking for mystery man who hand-delivered antisemitic, racist flyers

Photo courtesy Tuscaloosa Police Department

(Editor’s Note: Updated Feb. 6 after the suspect was questioned and released)

A man who was sought by police in several Alabama communities after he delivered letters filled with racism, antisemitic conspiracy theories and homophobia to businesses and churches was identified and interviewed on Feb. 5. But his name is not being released because no criminal charges are expected to be filed.

According to the Tuscaloosa Police Department, “there was no basis for criminal charges in our jurisdiction, however the matter is being further evaluated through the appropriate channels.” The suspect is from Jefferson County.

Jasper police first reported on Jan. 12 that the letters were brought to local businesses, and the Tuscaloosa Police Department posted images on Jan. 28 in an effort to identify the man after about a dozen businesses and churches in that area reported that he had dropped off copies of the letters at their establishments.

According to the Tuscaloosa Police, those receiving the three-page letters were concerned not only by the content, but that the individual hand-delivered them.

Additional letters have also been delivered in Homewood, a suburb of Birmingham.

Rev. Julie Conrady of Birmingham’s Unitarian Universalist Church had heard about the letter because a member who had seen it said it mentioned their church, then the church received one the next day. The police, FBI and Southern Poverty Law Center were contacted.

The writer bemoans the low birth rate among whites, saying he works for a small STEM company with three employees, and among the three there is only one child. He also claims to have attended the Unitarian Association — claiming that they no longer use the term “church” — and that the highly-educated members there have very few children, and many of them are “out-sourced” from the Third World.

He blames this on encouragement from the “Jew media” promoting LGBTQ and pedophilia, while hoping for a “white genocide.” He said, “if you want to eliminate a people, stop THEIR women from having THEIR babies.”

He claims to have discussed current issues with four Jewish acquaintances, all of whom he said were making excuses for pushing greater Third World immigration of those with low IQs and Muslims into Western nations, and how he felt Jews “believe you are a filthy animal put here by God to serve them.”

He also quotes a rabbi’s call for white genocide, using a supposed rabbi whose only footprint on the Internet is similar quotes on white supremacist websites, and says racial tension is the tool by which Jews try to accomplish this.

He concludes by citing high crime rates among Blacks and how “Jew dominated universities and media” blame poverty and Jim Crow for that, while then saying LGBTQ “are born that way.”

The Homewood, Tuscaloosa and Jasper police departments are looking for information to identify the suspect.