ISJL prepares for “Who Knows One” competition

The online Jewish geography game Who Knows One comes full circle with a fundraising event to benefit the Goldring/Woldenberg Institute of Southern Jewish Life.

The Oct. 28 game will feature two rounds, one matching former ISJL Education Fellows, with the other involving current and former education partners in the region.

Who Knows One was created by Micah Hart last year as a way to connect people during the pandemic. A “Chosen One” is selected for the game, after which the two teams use their network of contacts — and contacts of their contacts — to find the Chosen One and convince him or her to join the call. The game relies solely on networking, social media is not allowed.

The event will be broadcast on the ISJL Facebook page and is free to watch. Donations to support favorite teams are encouraged, and donations drive the game, from unlocking a clue or an extra lifeline, to a Zoom timeout for an opponent or kicking someone off the call.

There are also Superconnectors who can be used during the game. Donation levels for Superconnectors include $54 for former Fellows Rabbi Lex Rofeberg, Rabbi Andrew Terkel and Beth Kander-Dauphin; $180 for Rachel Stern and Rabbi Matt Dreffin, former and current directors of education at ISJL. The big superconnector, of course, is ISJL founder Macy Hart, who is also the father of Micah Hart, at $500.

The first round matches former Fellows, with Rachel Katz and Abby Klionsky racing against Alachua Nazarenko and Mandy Farb Herlich.

The second round, with a different Chosen One, has Education Partners Sheryl Eskowitz and Rabbi Bess Wohlner against Helaine Braunig and Rabbi Gideon Estes.

The race begins at 7 p.m. Central.