Letter: This Mountain Brook election is important

We are proud of our city. Our school system is in the top 1 percent nationally, and one of the best in the state for quality of schools. Our city has no financial problems. And we’re so very lucky to have three highly qualified people running for unpaid, volunteer City Council seats.

We’re asking you to vote for Billy Pritchard, Lloyd Shelton and Graham Smith. Each candidate has demonstrated their commitment to Mountain Brook by tirelessly working collaboratively to resolve challenges facing the city. They have done so with integrity, and no agenda but to serve the best interests of the city. Such successful leadership requires dedication, plus lots of time and hard work.

Their opponents want to change our award-winning school system with imagined grievances that politicize our school board and hurt our teachers. We’re better than that.

Place 1: Vote Graham Smith, a member of the Mountain Brook Planning Commission, past PTO president ay Cherokee Bend and Legislative Director for Senator Richard Shelby.

Place 3: Vote Billy Pritchard, who has served 22 years on the Mountain Brook City Council, is past president of the Mountain Brook Schools Foundation, and a respected attorney.

Place 5: Vote Lloyd Shelton, who has served 8 years on the Mountain Brook City Council, 21 years on the Mountain Brook Finance Commission, and is an accomplished accountant who served as Mountain Brook Chamber treasurer.

So few people pay attention to municipal elections, especially in a town that seems to run just fine, so these contests can be decided by a handful of votes. Your vote does count!

Vote Tuesday, Aug. 23 at your regular polling place. Or get your absentee ballots now at Mountain Brook City Hall. Vote for competence, vote for NO political agenda, vote for the Mountain Brook we admire.

Thank you.

Caleigh Rathmell Alevy

Caryn and Steven Corenblum

Heidi and Martin Damsky

Helene Elkus

Cathy and Paul Friedman

Fran and Lee Godchaux

Steve Greene

Ricki Kline

Candy and Ed Meyerson

Glenda and Dr. Paul Nagrodzki

Marjorie Perlman

Bunny and Joel Rotenstreich

Dr. Michael Saag

David Silverstein

Linda Verin