Alabama flags at half-staff for victims of Hamas terror in Israel

In Tuscaloosa, Mayor Walt Maddox had city buildings lit in blue in solidarity with Israel.

Throughout Alabama, flags are at half-staff this week “in honor and remembrance of the lives lost in Israel at the hands of Hamas terrorists on Saturday, October 7th, 2023, which was the Jewish holy day of Simchat Torah.”

The order came on Oct. 9 from Governor Kay Ivey, and is in effect until sunset on Oct. 13.

Ivey write that “the repeated acts of terrorism and violation of Israel’s sovereignty must be stopped at all costs. Those responsible for the deaths of hundreds of Israeli citizens are not only the enemies of our Jewish brothers and sisters, but the United States and her people, too.”

She noted that Alabama has been in support of Israel for over 80 years “and we will continue to do so through these challenging times.” Though the modern state of Israel celebrated its 75th birthday earlier this year, the Alabama Legislature was the first governmental body in the U.S. to call for the establishment of the Jewish homeland, in a 1943 resolution.

Ivey noted “deeply-held common values” that includes belief in the power of prayer. “I call upon the people of our great state to uplift our Jewish brothers and sisters in prayer as they fight to protect their homeland.”

Last December, Ivey hosted the first-ever Chanukah menorah lighting at the Governor’s Mansion, an event that she later said was something she wants to see happen every year and continued by future governors.