Philos asking Christians to bring white roses to synagogues in solidarity on Oct. 26

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Christians across 100 cities will be showing up in their local Jewish communities with white roses on Oct. 26, to express solidarity with the Jewish community and respond to the 1200 percent increase in antisemitism since October 7, 2023.

In a nod to the Nazi-era Resistance group called the White Rose, this symbolic gesture represents a powerful message of solidarity and friendship, emphasizing that the Jewish community is not alone in these times of darkness and loss.

Luke Moon, Deputy Director of the Philos Project, emphasizes the importance of this initiative: “At this moment, it is imperative that Christians physically show up to support Israel and the Jewish community. We have witnessed an increase in antisemitism around the globe in reaction to Israel defending herself in response to the massacre that occurred at the hands of Hamas. The Jewish community needs to know who their friends are now more than ever. As Christians, we must stand with the Jewish people and Israel. Christians in the past remained silent, and we refuse to do that again.”

The Philos Project, an organization dedicated to promoting positive Christian engagement in the Near East by creating leaders, building community, and taking action in the spirit of the Hebraic Tradition, is at the forefront of this powerful demonstration of solidarity. This initiative is born out of a deep commitment to fostering solid bonds between Christian and Jewish communities in a time when support and unity are needed more than ever.

As the world grapples with the aftermath of the Oct. 7 tragedy in Israel, the Philos Project encourages all Christians to join this collective gesture, conveying that love and friendship can triumph over hatred and division.

Philos runs many bridge-building programs between Christians and Jews. Among its programs is a Philos Black trip to Israel, mainly for students from Historically Black Colleges and Universities. This past summer, Kiara Dunlap, a Miles College student who did a joint internship for Southern Jewish Life and the Birmingham Times, participated in that trip, along with students from Xavier in New Orleans, who had launched a nationally award winning program to combat antisemitism among Black students.

In February 2021, when newly-appointed Israeli Ambassador Gilad Erdan did a civil rights tour of South Carolina and Alabama, it was coordinated with Philos.