Father of orthopedist’s patient turned out to be his father’s liberator

A conversation between an orthopedist and one of his patients in 2012 turned out to be life changing for both of them, and they will talk about it at two programs in the region in January.

“Corresponding Angles” is the story of a Holocaust survivor’s son and a liberator’s daughter, featuring Atlanta orthopedist Reuben Sloan and Gail Cohn.

They will speak at the Jewish Federation of Central Alabama’s Annual Campaign event on Jan. 21 at 2 p.m. at the Alabama Shakespeare Festival’s Octagon Theatre. There will also be an in-person and online program at the Museum of the Southern Jewish Experience in New Orleans as an International Holocaust Remembrance Day event on Jan. 25 at 6:30 p.m.

Cohn is the daughter of Judge Aaron Cohn, who was a liberator from the Columbus, Ga., area, and Sloan is the son of Holocaust survivor Itzik Slodowski. Sloan decided to emulate his mentor by getting to know his patients on a more personal level, and in 2012, Sloan was having a discussion with Cohn when they realized they had a much deeper relationship than doctor and patient. Judge Cohn had been part of General George S Patton’s 3rd Calvary Regiment, which had liberated the Mauthausen concentration camp— where Slodowski was imprisoned. Slodowski was the only member of his family to survive.

Since then, they have traveled around the country sharing their story, and how both men were shaped by their experiences during World War II.

Tickets to the Montgomery event are $35 to $50, available through ASF, and a champagne reception will follow. Registration for the MSJE event, both in-person and online, is available on the MSJE website.