Jacksonville killer’s “madman diary,” filled with antisemitism, released

Surveillance footage from the Dollar General store where Ryan Christopher Palmeter shot and killed three people in Jacksonville, Fla. on Aug. 26, 2023. Credit: Wikipedia.

From JNS and SJL reports

Jewish leaders issued statements last summer after Ryan Christopher Palmeter killed three people, all of them black shoppers, and then himself on Aug. 26 at a Dollar General store in Jacksonville, Fla. At the time, the city’s sheriff T.K. Waters referred to writings of Palmeter’s that were discovered as “the diary of a madman.”

The sheriff’s office recently released that “diary,” a manifesto that runs 27 pages and cannot be easily quoted for its hateful ranting and racist language. At one point, the killer expressed some skepticism about Jews controlling the world.

“While the evidence points strongly towards the existence of a cabal of elite jews [sic] conspiring (seemingly telepathically) to destabilize the nations of the world so that they can make a quick buck in the aftermath, the idea seems far-fetched, and Occam’s Razor leads me to believe that there is no centralization among those behind the West’s decay,” he wrote at one point.

“I encourage the reader to investigate the world’s most powerful people and form their own conclusions on whether their religions and ethnicities correlate and causate (hint: look into how many major players in media companies and big tech are jews [sic]), or whether this is mere coincidence,” he wrote.

He then posed: “Why is it that Adolf Hitler’s speeches are shown so often on television, and yet never given subtitles? If the man were such a villian [sic], there would be no reason to censor his words. “Perhaps coincidence, perhaps an attempt to conceal arguments against the jew [sic] crafted more convincingly than any others, especially mine.”

“The jew [sic] sits in a superpositional quantum state of White and non-white depending on which is more convenient for him at any given time,” the killer wrote elsewhere.

At another point, he used an antisemitic slur to refer, apparently, to Jews who run a property management company.

At one point, he used the triple-parenthesis originated by white supremacists in referring to Jews to state that for “some (((strange, inexplicable reason))) there seems to be a concerted effort to hide the n—- crimes.”

He said the Confederacy was a “rogue band of n—- loving Democrat Jews who would prefer keeping hundreds of thousands of violent gorillas around to spending a single penny on industrializing.”

He spoke about how Arabs are flooding Europe and causing havoc the way Blacks do in America, but said that since Arab numbers in America are small, there is no imminent threat and “they can be dealt with later.”

“Based on his writings, Palmeter appears to have considered himself a martyr and a link in a chain of white supremacist mass killers,” per the Anti-Defamation League.

The statement from Sheriff T.K. Waters said the manifesto “is filled with the rantings of an isolated, hateful, madman, whose disgusting ideology is wholly inconsistent with the belief structure of the Jacksonville community.”