South Carolina man arrested for dumping antisemitic flyers in several neighborhoods

The public library in Florence, S.C., which listed on the U.S. National Register of Historic Places. Credit: Robert Thomas Mckenzie Jr. via Wikimedia Commons.

(JNS) — A repeat offender illegally distributing antisemitic propaganda in South Carolina could face as many as three years in prison for what he has described as “political and religious activism.”

The County Sheriff’s Office in the city of Florence, S.C., about 80 miles east of the capital of Columbia in the central part of the state, arrested Jamin Fite, 48, on March 11. He was charged with seven counts of communicating obscene messages, which could land him in prison for three years, and seven counts of littering, which includes $200 fines or 30 days in jail as potential sentences.

Fite allegedly dumped his fliers on March 5 in multiple neighborhoods throughout Florence. They reportedly contained anti-Jewish language and links to a video-sharing site featuring racist content.

He was charged last year for a similar offense in Myrtle Beach, for which he received a fine of more than $500, and subsequently lost his appeal. Fite had thrown 400 baggies with antisemitic conspiracy-theory leaflets from his car; police seized 800 more.