Houston man gets 27 months for antisemitic death threats

(JNS) — A 41-year-old Houston man was sentenced to 27 months in prison for threatening to kill Jews.

“Jeremy Joseph sent hateful, violent and antisemitic death threats over email to two former co-workers. Joseph made these threats as part of a broader scheme in which Joseph threatened dozens of victims, many of whom were Jewish or were perceived to be Jewish,” stated Damian Williams, the U.S. attorney for the Southern District of New York.

“This prosecution and today’s sentence make clear that this office will not tolerate crimes of hate and will continue to seek justice for the victims of these offensive and harmful acts,” Williams stated.

Joseph, who will have three years of supervised release after his prison term, emailed “terrifying death threats” to two former colleagues, with whom he worked over a decade prior, from about December 2022 to January 2023, per the U.S. Justice Department.

“The emails detailed how Joseph planned to murder his victims and included photographs of pipe bombs, ammunition and a firearm,” it stated. “The emails also included personal information about the victims and their families.”

Joseph also sent threats to other people he knew, as well as “politicians, judges and prosecutors,” per the Justice Department. “The targets of his threats spanned multiple countries and U.S. states. In these communications, Joseph consistently used violent, threatening language that targeted Jewish people.”