Memorial service for Elboim planned

A memorial service for Michal Elboim, the Shlicha who was killed near Pensacola on Sunday, will be held at Pensacola’s Temple Beth El on Wednesday at 7 p.m. Another memorial is being planned at B’nai Israel Congregation, but details have not been announced.

Elboim’s body was flown to New York yesterday, accompanied by her boyfriend. Her sister was to join them in New York for the flight to Israel. Her parents had been on the way to an Alaskan cruise, then a visit to the Rockies.

As is traditional, members of the Pensacola Jewish community took turns sitting with her body until the flight to New York.

Elboim was planning to visit Honduras after leaving Pensacola on Aug. 5, then she was to return to Israel.

Itai Rosenfeld, the Shaliach in Mobile, said he remembers her as being passionate about education, which is why she chose to join the program that sends Israeli young adults to American communities for one or two years. He remembers her telling him “this may sound big, but I want to be the Minister of Education in Israel.”