July 10, 2005

Hurricane Dennis heads to region

Hurricane Dennis is poised to make landfall between Pensacola and Mobile approximately 3 p.m. local time. The track is expected to take the center of the storm over Mobile, then along the Alabama-Mississippi border toward Hattiesburg and Meridian, where it will still have hurricane strength. […]
July 6, 2005

Alabama Atheists group hosts Holocaust denier; DSJV ejected from event

The Montgomery-based Atheist Law Center, which has been very active in battling former Alabama Supreme Court Chief Justice Roy Moore in recent years, held an event featuring a leading Holocaust denier on July 6. David Irving, who was described by the center as “an expert […]
July 5, 2005

Knitting for a Cause

By Karen Weinrib In 2001, Roz Feigelson was diagnosed with breast cancer and began a year of chemotherapy and radiation. During that time, she found that the therapy made her cold but that the hospital blankets were too heavy. After she went into remission, Feigelson […]
June 28, 2005

Civil Rights Verdict Should Be Catalyst for Change

In June 1964, civil rights volunteer Andrew Goodman sent a postcard home to New York: “Dear Mom and Dad, I have arrived safely in Meridian, Miss. This is a wonderful town and weather is fine, I wish you were here. The people in this city […]
June 23, 2005

Update: Killen sentenced

Edgar Ray Killen was sentenced today to twenty years for each of the three verdicts of guilty (to be run consecutively for a total of sixty years), for his involvement in the 1964 murders of Andrew Goodman, Michael Schwerner, and James Chaney. Judge Marcus Gordon […]
June 23, 2005

DSJV wins national awards

The DSJV was recognized with two awards in the 24th annual Rockower awards ceremony tonight in Boston. The Rockowers are the highest honor in the Jewish newspaper industry. DSJV received first place in newswriting for papers under 15,000 in circulation for the January 2004 story, […]
June 22, 2005

Passed over by national theater chains, Greenville’s Nelken builds his own

For three or four years, Greenville’s Benjy Nelken was on a committee that tried to interest one of the national movie chains in building a modern, up-to-date theater in Greenville. Nelken said he has always been a movie buff, and wanted to see movies “the […]
June 21, 2005

Killen found guilty

Edgar Ray Killen was found guilty today, on the 41st anniversary of the murders of Ben Chaney, Andrew Goodman, and Michael Schwerner, of manslaughter on all three counts of his indictment. He was taken to the Neshoba County jail and will await sentencing on Thursday. […]
June 19, 2005

Defense continues in Killen trial

Court resumed Saturday in the murder trial of Edgar Ray Killen. The State called the mother of murder victim James Chaney, Fannie Lee Chaney, to the stand. The prosecution rested their case, and the defense called three people to testify before court wrapped up late […]